Data-led sourcing: Investor IQ

Targeted asset owner sourcing, with a data-led approach.

Investor IQ is an advanced AI tool designed to connect you with relevant asset owners, making your lead generation time shorter and more cost efficient.

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Phenix Capital Group leverages its unique positioning in the market as a leading provider of impact funds data and strong marketing and events business to continuously collect impact investing market intelligence that is processed to provide actionable leads for impact funds.



Phenix Capital Group constantly monitors the market of funds launched, institutional investors’ allocations (impact investors), and individual investors’ interests.

Our Investor IQ algorithm leverages this data, including 11,000+ contacts across 1,600+ organisations and 70 countries, to match it with the key fundraising criteria of our impact fund clients.



Once the scope is defined, we identify a Peer Group consisting of funds similar to our clients' offerings. We meticulously track commitments from asset owners to specific criteria. For example, we might focus on "climate and energy funds" within the realm of "Private Equity," primarily located in "Europe," and of a certain size, say "300 million euros.

Next, we input the constructed peer group and the client's specific criteria into our model. Utilising advanced algorithms, we refine and enhance the identifiability of the peer group. 

Finally, our multi-layered machine learning architecture cross-checks the client's parameters and inputs with both external and internal data sources. The outcome is a customised list of active asset owners, precisely identifying those whose interests align closely with the impact strategy or targeted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


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Utilising our unique positioning in the market and years of experience, we identify: ​

  • LP interest across asset classes, SDG’s, region(s) targeted, strategy preference and more.​
  • Peer Group of similar funds in a collaborative process.​
  • The client’s ideal investor type (e.g. Family Office, Pension Funds, etc).​
  • An exclusion list.





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Investor IQ contains a curated list of institutional investors who have been recently active in the same asset class, region, and SDG. The list outlines the investor’s personal details as well as the location and type of their organisation. All data is constantly monitored to ensure the latest trends are reflected.

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Exposure to investors

We offer fund managers the possibility of capitalising on our multiple business lines, increasing their visibility in the market, by collaborating with Phenix Capital Group in the co-creation of:

  • Case studies
  • Interviews
  • Reports
  • Webinars


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Don’t hesitate to connect with us if you have questions about how to lever up your fundraising process and optimize your fundraising efforts. Let us reveal the impact universe for your fund and implement the plan that will skyrocket your fundraising results. 

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