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Elevating your impact fund strategy

Impact fund advisory to support fund managers at different stages


With extensive experience in impact investing advisory and consulting, our fund advisory supports your impact fund strategy with excellence and efficiency, elevating your fundraising process. 

Phenix Capital Group supports fund managers with challenges such as: 

  • Assessing market and appetite for specific funds, asset classes or themes - with our market landscapes and research.

  • Assessing the robustness of the fund's impact strategy - with our  Fund Advisory, clients have access to our impact due diligence framework.

  • Implement changes and best practices - with our IMM team, developing the theory of change, measurement frameworks and more. 


With a complete suite of services, Phenix Capital Group can support its clients to set up robust impact practices, from fund conception to mastery of impact measurement and management.

We see our collaboration as a partnership, providing advice and guidance throughout the fund's lifetime, and helping our clients with any issues they might face.

A complete Fund Advisory project on the Impact Measurement and Management framework of a fund includes the following steps: 

Step 1



The first step in our Fund Advisory service is to sit down with our clients, do a gap analysis and define the overall ambition and scope of the project. 

Step 2



After setting the scope, we create a roadmap with key milestones and concrete deliverables, such as the policies that need to be created or processes that will be revised.

In this step, we use exclusive intelligence from our Impact Database, past experiences and wide knowledge of the impact industry.

Step 3

Time to


Once the deliverables have been created, these need to be deployed both internally (to fund and impact teams) as well as externally (to portfolio companies and other stakeholders).

This step includes training and workshops to ensure a sustainable transfer of knowledge to the fund manager.

Step 4

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The final step is the interactive strengthening of the output of the project (policies, documents etc.) by collecting feedback and learnings and using this to update and refine the project deliverables. 



Mekong Capital Case Study

Mekong Capital conceptualised their first impact fund in 2023, targeting the preservation and regeneration of forests and soils across Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

Recognising the critical importance of robust Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) systems, Mekong Capital enlisted the expertise of Phenix Capital Group to ensure the efficacy of their investment strategy and to implement best practices in impact assessment.

The Phenix Capital Group team delivered tailored IMM tools, processes, and frameworks aligned with best practices for private equity, as well as a comprehensive change management aspect to transfer knowledge and expertise to the Mekong Capital team.

Download the full case study here.

Mekong Case Study Website Graphic (1)
“Phenix Capital Group provided us with a thorough overview of the impact fund of funds market. The analysis gave us valuable insights to decide on the market, impact themes, asset classes, institutional investor types and even management fees and returns that we should target. The advice clearly pointed us to a position that was attractive to consider, as it was a value proposition with no reference player and several prospective asset owners to target, which we would not have come across easily without their help". 
Triple Jump
Triple Jumple
An impact-focused Dutch investment manager with 15 years of experience offering alternative investment strategies.
“Phenix Impact Fund Assessment is much more than just a label; it is an extensive, in-depth framework. The assessment gives asset owners a thorough picture of the measures a fund – whether private or public – has put in place to achieve a positive impact and help their portfolio companies to improve their sustainable business practices. We feel that the assessment, which is specifically designed for impact investing, very much reflects our multi-dimensional research and our efforts to make our impact funds outstanding.”
Wellington Management
Wellington Management
One of the world’s largest independent investment management firms, serving over 2,400 clients in more than 60 countries.
“The Phenix Impact Fund Assessment is based on a real in-depth analysis of the fund`s investment strategy and not merely on the simplistic aggregation of ESG ratings of the underlying constituents. (...) Understands that for impact investing to make a key contribution to solving the world’s problems, the focus needs to shift towards investing strategies and mechanisms that have a significant impact potential.”
de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Co

Fund Advisory services

Advancing impact strategies

Let's maximize the impact potential of your fund

Become a best-in-class impact fund

Examine the robustness of your fund's impact proposition, benchmark versus peers, or prepare for institutional impact due diligence.  

Optimise ESG Reporting

Implement best practice ESG integration policies and prepare for reporting on the Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI).

Get ready for OPIM verification

Verify your alignment with the 9 Operating Principles for Impact Management.


Understand the impact market

Make use of our bespoke market analyses, informed by our proprietary Impact Database, to gain a deep understanding of the trends, developments and needs of the impact investing market.

Prepare for SFDR Article 8 or 9 alignment

Ensure compliance with SFDR disclosures and reporting requirements, including alignment with SFDR Article 8 and 9.

Advance Impact Reporting

In Phenix Capital Group's Impact Reporting, previously named Fund Assessment, funds get measured on 45 criteria, which are split into 6 themes.

Learn more about Impact Reporting.



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