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Impact Report - Fund Universe - January 2024
Impact Fund Universe - January 2024

Impact Fund Universe

This fifth edition of the Impact Fund Universe Report continues to draw from our proprietary industry data to provide an overview of the evolution of the impact fund universe over the past year. Learn more by reading the full report now.

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Public Equity Funds at a Glance - December 2023

Public Equity Funds at a Glance

Traditionally associated with private markets, impact investing in the public equity arena is now becoming as accepted as ESG and many are starting to see it as the listed market successor in terms of sustainable investing.Learn more by downloading the report free now.

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Gender Lens Funds at a Glance - November 2023

Gender Lens Funds at a Glance

Gender equality is seen as the ‘silver bullet’ for development. Looking closely at every single UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) it is clear there is an opportunity to enhance each and every one of them by investing in, and engaging with, women. Learn more by reading the full report now.

Joining the Dots Impact Investor Survey
Joining the Dots: Impact Investor Survey 2023

Joining the Dots: Impact Investor Survey 2023

We are excited to release our new publication: Joining the Dots: Annual Institutional Impact Investor’s Survey. The aim is to become the definitive third-party report, highlighting themes of importance to impact investors.

Real Estate Funds Oct 23 Cover
Real Estate Funds at a Glance - October 2023

Real Estate Funds at a Glance

Despite cyclical challenges such as rising interest rates and declining gross domestic product, real estate has long been thought of as a long-term store of wealth and, as such, a source of long-term returns. Learn more by downloading the report free now.

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EU vs US Impact Investing Market - September 2023

EU vs US Impact Investing Market

Totalling 1,160 European impact funds in the Phenix Impact Database means there are 33% more than US domiciled impact funds. Learn more by reading the full report now.

Infrastructure cover
Infrastructure Funds - August 2023

Infrastructure Funds

Data from our impact funds database shows that 89% of the infrastructure funds target SDG7: Clean and Affordable Energy. Learn more about infrastructure funds by reading the report.

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Private Debt Funds - June 2023

Private Debt Funds

Our data shows that there are 158 private debt impact funds focused on the emerging markets targeting SDG1: No Poverty - and one way to achieve this is financial inclusion. Learn more in the report.

Biodiversity Funds & Investors - May 2023
Biodiversity Funds & Investors - May 2023

Biodiversity Funds & Investors

A focus on impact investing funds that deliver returns and impact under the umbrella of biodiversity – also showing the investors’ side: how many and what type of investors invest in biodiversity.

Impact Report - Food security funds
Food Security Funds - April 2023

Food Security Funds

In this report, Food Security includes commingled impact funds that target the following six impact themes: Access to Food, Foodtech, Smallholder Farming, Sustainable Agriculture & Farming, Sustainable Aquaculture, and Small Scale Fisheries. Download the report free now.

Net Zero Aligned Funds
Net Zero Aligned Funds - March 2023

Net Zero Aligned Funds

Our report provides an overview of top-down data of Net-Zero-aligned impact funds that specifically collect and report to investors on net-zero-aligned metrics, such as GHG emissions reductions.

Private Equity Funds - February 2023
Private Equity Funds - February 2023

Private Equity Funds

87 private equity impact funds were launched in 2022 and committed capital grew by 1.9% reaching €161 billion. Learn more in the report.

Data on Impact Investing Funds 2023 by Phenix Capital
Impact Fund Universe Report - January 2023

Impact Investing Funds

Impact investing reaches the mark of €539 billion – that is the total capital committed to date, reveals the new Impact Fund Universe Report by Phenix Capital Group.

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Impact Report - December 2022

Public Equity

Public equity funds represent 9.21% of funds from our Impact Database. With this report, Phenix Capital Group provides an overview and analysis of the developments of this asset class in the last years.

Clean Water & Sanitation - Impact Report - November 2022
Impact Report - November 2022

Clean Water & Sanitation

€75 billion has already been committed towards SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), being €41 billion raised by public equity. SDG 6 is meant to solve one of the most urgent issues of our time, the global water and sanitation crisis.

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Impact Report - October 2022

Conservation and Biodiversity

Funds targeting Biodiversity have reached a record high – followed by a 55% decline. Capital commitments have had an inconsistent inflow over the past 7 years. More in the report.

Impact Report cover - September 2022
Impact Report - September 2022

Real Estate & Infrastructure

The number of impact funds targeting Infrastructure has increased. On the other hand, the number of real estate funds peaked in 2019 and 2020, but had a considerable decrease in 2021. More in the report.

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Impact Report - August 2022

Circular Economy Investments

Since 2019, the number of impact funds that target the Circular Economy theme has increased exponentially. Learn about Circular Economy funds.

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Impact Report - June 2022

Resilient Economy Investments

A total of 1105 funds contribute to building resilient economies and €232 billion has already been committed.

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Impact Report - May 2022

Private Debt Funds

Data on 319 private debt funds shows that €43 billion has already been committed towards private debt funds since 2015. Learn more in the report.

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Impact Report - April 2022

Emerging Markets Funds

729 funds target emerging markets, and €96 billion has been committed to emerging markets funds since 2015. Discover more by downloading the free Impact Report.

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Impact Report - March 2022

Net-zero Funds

561 funds are net-zero aligned and €271 billion has been committed towards net-zero funds since 2015. Global is the most targeted region.

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Impact Report - February 2022

Private Equity Funds

1,120 are private equity funds and €136 billion has been committed to Private Equity funds since 2015. Discover more in the report.

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Universe Report - January 2022

Impact Investing Funds

The evolution of the impact fund universe over the past seven years shows that the impact investing universe was resilient throughout an unprecedented 2-year pandemic crisis.

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Impact Report: December 2021

Public Equity Funds

More than €1 billion has been committed to Public Equity funds since 2015. The total target size of Public Equity funds launched in 2021 is higher in North America (58%).

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Impact Report - November 2021

Real Estate Funds

"It addresses the mismatch between high demand for and limited supply of safe and secure homes for women in need", explains Keith Breslauer, Managing Partner at Patron Capital Partners, about their fund "Women in Safe Homes".

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Impact Report - October 2021

Ocean Investments

"The ocean is the lungs and the heart of our planet". Above all, “the ocean is the best ally in the fight against climate change”, highlights the co-Managing Directors of SWEN Blue Ocean fund.

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Impact Report - September 2021

Gender Lens Investments

Find data on impact funds that directly contribute to solutions reducing gender inequalities through microfinance of strategies in emerging markets, venture capital funds with a Gender Lens focus, and much more.

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Impact Report - July 2021

Infrastructure Funds

Infrastructure represents 23% of the whole Impact Fund Universe (capital commitments between 2015 and 2020). It is also the biggest sub-category of real assets (65%).

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Trend Report - June 2021

Asset Owner Trends Report

This report provides an in-depth look at how the interest of fund allocators has evolved in the last six years based on their InvestorConnect meetings (a total of 3.600).

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Impact Report - May 2021

Private Debt Funds

Despite a drop in the number of Private Debt funds launched in 2020, capital commitments doubled compared to 2019. Recent trends in the Private Debt asset class.

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Impact Report - April 2021

Emerging Markets

Impact investments play a crucial role in solving problems that still constrain sustainable development in emerging market economies, such as poverty, access to energy, and finance.

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Impact Funds - March 2021

Conservation & Nature-Based funds

This deep dive Impact Report focuses on Conservation & Nature-Based funds that target the following impact themes: Biodiversity, Farming, Forestry, Land Conservation, and Oceans.

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Impact Reports - February 2021

Private Equity

Private Equity impact funds in comparison to the rest of the Impact Fund Universe. Overview of past trends: historical capital commitments to date and looking forward by analysing current fundraising.

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Universe Report - January 2021

Impact Fund Universe

A Market Map for Institutional Investors, this report provides insight into the evolving impact fund market, analysing trends in the allocation of impact capital across different themes, asset classes, SDGs and geographies.

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Impact Reports - November 2020

Pathway to Net-Zero

A first-of-a-kind overview of the institutional impact fund universe contributing to the transition towards net-zero.

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Fund Report - March 2020

Global Impact Platform

The 2020 Global Impact Platform Fund Report provides insights and analytics within the institutional impact fund market, from a capital committed and current fundraising perspective.

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Trend Report - April 2019

Asset Owner Trend Report

More than 90% of respondents believe that generating a positive societal and environmental impact is an integral part of their fiduciary duty and 33% of institutional asset owners allocate at least 10% of AUM to impact.

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