Standard impact due diligence across asset classes and themes

In depth impact due diligence

Insitutional investors enhance their due diligence process with Phenix's impact fund assessment, implementing their impact mandates. 

Created with investors and impact experts

Initially called Impact Fund Assessment, it was designed in close collaboration with experienced institutional investors and impact investing experts.

Aligned to industry standards

Our Impact Due Diligence is aligned with best practices such as the Impact Measurement Project and the Operating Principles for Impact Management. 

Impact funds assessed across six impact dimensions


This theme assesses 'what' by evaluating the impact intention of the fund

In particular the social and environmental benefits that the fund seeks to achieve. It also looks at how this intention is reflected in the investment activities and values of the Fund Manager's organization as a whole.

This theme assesses whether the fund has a clear pathway 

The assessment evaluates how the portfolio has been structured to ensure alignment with the strategy and the intention of the fund. It also looks how investees are managed to maximize positive impact



This theme assesses the extent to which the fund assesses and records the impact created

The criteria assesses the quality, transparency and coverage of impact measurement. It also looks at the extent to which impact reporting gives a complete and contextual view of the social and environmental performance of the fund.

This theme assesses the integration of impact within the investment decision making process

It looks at how the fund allocates responsibility for impact measurement and management (IMM) and how impact is safeguarded in the organisational and incentive structures.

This theme assesses to which extent the fund identifies and mitigates risks arising from Environmental Social and Governance aspects related to the investments as well as the fund managers' own responsible investing practices.

While impact funds have a clear strategy to achieve positive impact, it is important that potential negative impacts are assessed and mitigated as well.

This theme assesses whether the fund manager, and the underlying fund, promote best practices and standardisation across the impact investing industry

The criteria incorporates whether the fund manager actively contributes to the impact investing industry, such as using standardised impact taxonomies and through the creation of tools and resources.

Receive a score and benchmark against the impact industry and peers

The imapct Fund Assessment provides the fund or the investor with a scorecard and benchmark versus impact industry practices and its asset class peers. The total score is based on performance on each of the 45 criteria assessed, grouped in six impact dimensions. The criteria assess impact at the fund, investee, and fund manager level, evaluating the consistency and alignment of the impact proposition throughout the chain.

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What clients say about our services

Phenix's Impact Fund Assessment allows us to demonstrate our commitment to thorough impact investing practices. The Phenix team is assessing impact funds from an institutional investor perspective. Phenix has a helicopter view on the impact market and this was useful in the discussion around the criteria. Gaining external perspectives on our performance has been insightful, and the new recommendations and resources deck was genuinely helpful. Overall, it's been a great experience with a nice, collaborative approach.
Willemijn Verloop
Founding Partner, Rubio Impact Ventures
The Impact Fund Assessment is much more than just a label; it is an extensive, in-depth framework that gives asset owners a thorough picture of the measures a fund has put in place to achieve a positive impact (...).
Louise Kooy-Henckel
Managing Director, (Former) Wellington Management
Melchior de Muralt-squared
The Phenix's Impact Fund Assessment is based on a real in-depth analysis of the fund`s investment strategy and not merely on the simplistic aggregation of ESG ratings of the underlying constituents. (...)
Melchior de Muralt
Managing Partner, de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Co
Hadewych Kuiper
Phenix's Impact Fund Assessment helps asset owners to compare impact investment strategies and funds in a consistent way, and it sets the blueprint for asset management best practices.
Hadewych Kuiper
Managing Director, Member of the Management Board at Triodos Investment Management

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