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PRESS RELEASE: Joint Venture - KKL Partners & Phenix Capital Group

PRESS RELEASE: Joint Venture - KKL Partners & Phenix Capital Group

Phenix Capital Group and KKL Partners Announce Joint Venture of placement services for impact investment funds

Amsterdam, 28 August 2023: Phenix Capital Group and KKL Partners announce the creation of a joint venture for the placement activities of Phenix Capital's subsidiary Venti Capital.

Fons Lute, Partner at KKL Partners: “Being an independent solutions provider to institutional investors across Europe, we see that many institutional investors want to have a positive impact with their investments. However, as the industry is relatively young, many impact providers struggle to meet institutional criteria which makes it difficult for investors to meet impact targets. Our purpose is twofold – to assist impact providers to meet the highest institutional standards and to provide investors with access to great institutional quality impact strategies. The combination of KKL’s expertise in manager research and Phenix’ knowledge of identifying impact quality enhances our offering of a suite of implementable strategies with a high volatility adjusted return and high impact.”

Dirk Meuleman, CEO at Phenix Capital Group: “This strategic partnership is driven by the continued strong growth of Phenix Capital's impact solutions for asset owners, where we assist them with the creation of multi management portfolios. As part of the joint venture for the placement activities taken over by KKL Partners, they will utilize Investor IQ, Phenix Capital's newly developed state-of-the-art AI placement toolbox for fund managers and placement agents.”

About Phenix Capital Group

Phenix Capital Group has been delivering impact solutions globally since 2012 to enable institutional investors to make financial-first impact investments. The company has been dedicated to building a solid knowledge base of the impact investing industry, educating asset owners and asset manager with their impact investing intelligence.  

About KKL Partners

KKL Partners provides investment solutions for institutional investors. Working closely with top-rated investment managers, KKL sources highly effective investment strategies with a genuine ability to provide impactful strategic diversification.

For more information or interview requests, please contact our team at info@phenixcapitalgroup.com or call + 31 20 240 27 31.